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2023 Season Announcement

Hello Gage Park Softball players and parents,

It is with great hope and excitement that we begin to prepare for the 2023 softball season. I’m sure that all of us are eager to get back to fun summer nights with friends and family, playing ball at Gage Park.

It is especially important for all of us to continue to rebuild the organization that is so important and loved by our kids and community. About one in every four parents will need to fill some role, (so Yep,... if you are reading this,… it means you.)

Meetings will follow for coaches and assistant coaches, softball program design and closing day committee.


Last year we had great times , sharing a ballpark night together, victories, successes and smiles. I look forward to seeing everyone again at the baseball park this season. Let’s work together to make another excellent program that can be enjoyed by our community for years to come.

Please direct questions and correspondence to email,

Thank You




Coach Mark, Director GPSA

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Located at the Lawrence rd. entrance to Hamilton's largest park, two softball and one t-ball diamond against the backdrop of the

Niagara Escarpment



  Since 1994 Gage Park Softball Association has provided a co-ed softball program to families in Central Hamilton. At the back entrance of Hamilton's largest park, we see over 300 youth participants playing in 5 levels with 23 teams.

 Our volunteer organization strives to foster a sports community that is a safe and enjoyable learning experience for all.

  Players are divided into four divisions by age. Each division plays on a different night of the week begining at 6:00 p.m. ending at sunset.

Tball Age 4-6 Mondays

Junior Age 7-10 Wednesdays

Intermediate Age 11-13


    Senior Age 14-18 Tuesdays




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